The World Music Café is seeking new multicultural performers to showcase their culture at the upcoming live shows in September.

World Music Café events started in 2019, presenting a series of popular ‘supper club’ style shows combining international food and world music, that attracted a enthusiastic audience from all over Perth.

“There are so many talented and diverse musicians, dancers and performers living in our community, but we don’t often get the chance to see them perform together in a professional  local showcase setting,” said World Music Cafe Facilitator, Jon Cope.

“We are really keen to connect with new migrant artists that may not yet have found their place to perform and introduce them to the local industry in a friendly supportive environment”, he said.

The World Music Café is a social enterprise professionally run by a team of new migrants that coordinate the events, performers and menu, all supported by experienced industry mentors.

The enterprise team meets regularly each week to plan the upcoming events, learn event coordination and business skills, and gain practical experience working at the live events.

“Joining the World Music Café is really fun way to enhance your employability skills, gain paid local work experience, and be part of a great team that’s celebrating our community’s living culture. We’ve had some great events so far and hope to have many more.”

To get involved, click here to register your interest in performing and joining the events team. The new training program starts in August and the next season of World Music Café events will start in September.

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