Griot drumming lifestyle in Perth

Meet Djibril Diagne: born into a special destiny as the eldest son of a griot family in Senegal in West Africa, Djibril started playing drums when he was only six years old. Over many decades he has grown into a highly respected cultural leader and master drummer with a reputation that extends across Australia and back home to Senegal.

Jon Cope with the World Music Café participants

Insights into the World Music Café

In this episode of the Cinnamon Stick we talk to Jon Cope, Facilitator of the World Music Café, and get a bit of an insight into the project, the challenges that Covid-19 brought, and the exciting road ahead.

Meet Mamta Kochhar

Meet Mamta Kochhar, the face behind World Music Café’s community partner, United in Diversity. Hear more about her migration journey from India to Perth, Western Australia