World Music Café is an innovative social enterprise created by new migrants to develop employment skills and social connections.

The World Music Cafe team are excited to offer a delicious ‘Lunch and Show’ concert and an ‘Afternoon Concert‘ in the beautiful Roleystone hills at Genesis in the Hills on Sunday 6 December 2020.

The concert features the extraordinary Senegalese master percussionist, Djibril Diagne, who is a highly respected senior griot musician from Dakar in Senegal and one of the best West African percussionists now based in Australia. Djibril started playing drums with his father when he was only six years old and over many decades he has grown into a highly respected cultural leader and master drummer with a reputation that extends across Australia and back home to Senegal. He has a deep commitment to carry on the traditional work of his ancestors and share the living history of Senegalese music, drumming and dance with new audiences, teaching students and keeping his culture alive for future generations to experience.

Kavisha Mazzella AM is an award-winning singer songwriter, composer, folklorist, activist and choir leader. She has released five albums that reflects the musical influences her multicultural Italian, Burmese and European heritage. Throughout her successful career, she has won many awards, including an Order of Australia medal in 2011 for her services to Australian music.

The World Music Cafe social enterprise is partnered by Multicultural Futures, MMRC and United in Diversity, as part of the Multicultural Enterprise Development Project, sponsored by the Department of Social Services.

Click here to watch footage of the World Music Café on SBS National News

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